a War is Raging in Neo Tokyo, Crime runs rampant, the government is corrupt and something more sinister lurks in the shadows, Heaven, Hell, or Anarchy, you decide...
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 Raide Nargeit, The Prince Of Darkness

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PostSubject: Raide Nargeit, The Prince Of Darkness   Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:39 am

Name: Raide Nargeit

Nickname: Dark Prince

Age: Appears to be in early twenties, though his true age is unknown.

Looks: This is his most commonly used human form. (when I use another one, I'll just put it up here

These are the most commonly used transformations

Incubus, This one is his most commonly used form, it allows him to control darkness, and also allows him to charm any one of the opposite sex rather easily, forcing them into acts of lust.

Werebear, This is more of his battle form, it grants him super strength and super endurance, it also grants him a thick hide for cold weather, and many other bear like abilities.

Dragon Form, This is more of a travel form, but can be used in combat, he chooses not to use it as often due to its massive size. It can fly at an extremely fast rate, can also breath fire and shadow magic, like all dragons it has an extremely thick hide, making it invulnerable to most basic tactics and attacks.

Fire Demon, This form allows him to control the element of fire, he is also constantly aflame, making him a hard target for physical fighters due to the immense heat.

Gender: Male

Ultima Form, This form is hardly ever used, but is nearly impossible to stop. It holds the powers of all of his forms in one, and it has some of its own. (Do not worry, I do not plan on even touching this form for awhile...So just leave it blank and mysterious.)

Race: Ultima (He has no true demon form, just merely takes on any form of which he pleases, his forms depict on which powers he uses, while in his human form he only has the ability to shapeshift, to use his other powers he must transform into the demon that contains those powers. Though he does have an ultima form which allows him to use all of them, he hardly ever uses this since it can only be used once every month.)
But this is what it is meant to look like

(Human form) Powers & Abilities: Shape shifting, and is sexually aroused by pain, torture, death, or anything of the sort (This one is used in every form, but during the incubus form it is greatly enhanced.). He also has a healing factor.

History: Raide's history has yet to be told, for thousands of years he has spent his life along side his father, torturing and reigning hell anywhere they could. Until now, Raide still serves along side his father, but he has chosen to take a leave...To see more of the world above...
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PostSubject: Re: Raide Nargeit, The Prince Of Darkness   Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:49 pm


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Raide Nargeit, The Prince Of Darkness
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