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 Nightkill the incubus vampire

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PostSubject: Nightkill the incubus vampire   Nightkill the incubus vampire I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 24, 2009 12:44 pm

Name: Unknown

Nickname: Nightkill

Age: appears 30, is 500

Looks: Demon Form
Humanoid form

Gender: male

Race: incubus/vampire

Powers & Abilities: -Incubus Lust :Causes women to become overcome with uncontrollable lust for him. He can control, with the effect of mildly turning them on to the point off them chasing him in mob fashion and trying to get a hold of him.Women with significant enough will can resist this, but it becomes harder as it becomes more intense.
-Healing Factor: Wounds can heal at a very fast rate, but they dont heal instantly and take sometimes up to a minute or more to fully heal.
Blood drink- Nightkill needs to drink blood to survive. After he drinks blood, he becomes physically stronger and his control over women is enhanced. He also gains memories from people he drinks from.

History: Nightkill’s history is largely unknown. It is known he once trained with Satan.
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Nightkill the incubus vampire
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