a War is Raging in Neo Tokyo, Crime runs rampant, the government is corrupt and something more sinister lurks in the shadows, Heaven, Hell, or Anarchy, you decide...
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 The Marionette

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PostSubject: The Marionette   The Marionette I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 08, 2009 2:50 am

Name: Alexandre Bertrund

Nickname: The Marionette, The Devil's Left Hand

Age: appears about 15-16ish, is actually 1608 years old

Demon Form: The Marionette Sasori The Marionette Sasori
Human Form: The Marionette Smoking

Gender: Male

Race: Superior Marionette

Powers & Abilities: Enhanced speed and reflexes
Enhanced Strength
Has intricate knowledge of toxins and poisons
Can channel life into inanimate objects for a short time
Can command and summon lesser Marionettes
His body holds a multitude of weapons
Holds many items such as poisons, bombs, etc. in his body
Can control fire to an extent
Can project acid out of his body
His body can rearrange itself into many different shapes, even "growing" extra limbs
Can reanimate himself as long as a piece of his body is intact (takes a while)
Can control string or thread based objects
Mastery over surgical and healing procedures

History: Alexandre was born to Gregoire Bertrund and Antoinette Bertrund on February 2nd, 1738, it was the rise of France, the city was just becoming the dark and mildly sinister place it had yet to fully blossom into, Alexandre was walking through an alley with his Mother and Father when Demon's attacked, they let Alex back into a corner, only a young boy of 8 years and they held his Mother down while they beat his Father, they tore of all his limbs and cut out his tongue, to leave him a bloody mess, his screams taking no shape other than a horrifying wail, they left him to bleed out and focused on Alex's Mother next, they stripped her before his eyes and 5 massively built Demon's had their way with her, when they were finished they snapped all of her limbs and smashed her skull against the brick wall above Alexandre's head, they then dragged Alex back to the deepest pits of hell where, day and night, for almost a year they tortured him, finally one day Satan himself came to see the young boy who's will was so strong, he admired the boy's perseverance and cast away the boy's mortal shell, fashioning what would be Satan's greatest creation, topping even that of the Anti-Christ, he fashioned the most powerful Marionette shell he could fathom and dragged the boy's soul inside of it, the process to become a Marionette is painful, more pain than any mortal being can stand and it gets worse the stronger the shell is, Alexandre's soul writhed in agony for year's, and when it was over it took another couple years for him to recover, but he had done it, a feat even the most hardiest, ancient, and strongest of Demon's could barely attempt, Satan was pleased, and made Alexandre his "Left Hand" he sent him on various missions, assassinations, bribery, etc. Alexandre has since become just what he was cast into, a shell, an obedient drone with hardly any thought or feeling, but somewhere.....deep down....lies a spark........yet to be ignited......
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The Marionette
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