a War is Raging in Neo Tokyo, Crime runs rampant, the government is corrupt and something more sinister lurks in the shadows, Heaven, Hell, or Anarchy, you decide...
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 Story Thus Far

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PostSubject: Story Thus Far   Story Thus Far I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 08, 2009 4:03 am

The story is set in the year 3375, in Neo Tokyo Japan, Crime has begun to run rampant, its not openly done and is still kept underground, but as government officials are quickly overtaken by corruption it might not be so for long, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, Genetic technology has flourished in the past thousand years, it struck up around 2498 and started the Thire War, a war that soon ended with Japan taking claim to the entire world, North America has been devastated by nuclear attacks and has been wiped out, South America is dealing with the ravages of radiation, Europe is almost a third-world country, Africa has been entirely broken off and isolated from the world, a prison for the most deranged and psychotic murderers and a dump site for experiments gone wrong, Australia is on neutral terms, the Poles are sparsely populated tundra and Asia is booming, under all this, unbeknown to the populace at large, Demons and Angels wage war over man, the powers of Supreme Evil and Supreme Good are waning as their minions are dying off or going renegade, they still hold a large amount of power, and have legions of forces to do their bidding, but their best and brightest are showing signs of turning over a new leaf.....

What war will you fight?
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Story Thus Far
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